The Adventures of Ren

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The Adventures of Ren: A New Life in Cyber City takes you on a journey from the forests of the Highland to the tall buildings of Cyber City with an 11 year old girl discovering herself while traveling with her alien friend between two different cultures radically changed by global warming.  Her story begins 200 years in the future where she just lost her parents to a hovercraft accident.  She must move from the secluded forests of the Highlands to the tall buildings of Cyber City to live with her aunt, uncle, and two cousins in an urban environment completely different than that which she had experienced in her past.

During her adventures with her family and friends, she bridges the differences between the two places gaining insight to discover “what’s right” with herself and the world she encounters.Even though Ren’s story takes place in the future, her adventure touches upon timely topics that preteens her age encounter today such as bullying, prejudices, adapting to different environments such as a new school, loss of a parent, peer pressure, making new friends, changes in the home life and running away.  During her adventures, she also learns about alien cultures, Virtual School, robots, and flying through the amazing amusement park - Androtium.

Her story takes the young adult reader on a journey of self discovery and as she grows through each situation she encounters, every person reading this book will too.